The search for the perfect wave is akin to the age-old quest to discover the meaning of life.
This coffee table book dives into both.

Waves in the Maldives

Repeating the mantra, “Always continue to learn,” a student of spiritual, creative energy reaches a half-century marked by a unique experience to last a lifetime. The entire world faces a crippling pandemic just as the author arrives at a most fortuitous oasis to “shelter-in-place.” The road-worn digital nomad goes on an excursion to a remote Indian Ocean atoll on the equator. Due to the sudden 2020 lockdown, what starts as a 10-day exploration & surf trip turns into a half-year plus (unknown at the time of this writing) isolated island sojourn

Great Photography

Feast your eyes on a color study of composition and design packed with nature, sports, and travel photo selections. Practical water safety tips are written in a personal journal style replete with contemporary typography, pretty flowers, and ancient archaeology.

Tips for getting the most out of surfing

The tale is seasoned with tasty fact bites for visiting the tropical Maldivian archipelago. Served on a silver platter is food for conscious thought to navigate the return to one’s center.

Wisdom for Mind & Body

Health and lucid awareness is a recipe for an ecologically nutritious, sustainable mind and body. Drink from the proverbial fountain of youth to achieve the best out of surfing ’til a hundred years old.

Edith Wairimu (5 stars)

An Intense Calm combines compelling facts with lines of poetry and diary entries of days spent in the Maldives. Geographical facts, such as that the Maldives is 130 km from east to west and has an elevation of 1.5 meters which makes it the lowest in the world, provide informative content that helped me learn more about the country. The life lessons that are included offer useful insight and the entries provide a personal look into Devar’s experiences. They inspired me to take a closer look into what nature offers and learn from it. Devar also explores the need for ecological preservation in the book. He explains how to learn and make the most out of travel experiences. He discusses the need for a positive attitude and respecting the locals and their culture. An Intense Calm is an insightful and educative collection of lessons, observations, and experiences.

beautiful scene of a power boat in front of a big blue wave

Hardcover w/Dust Jacket


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Fables Found

A Treasure of Wisdom for Grandchildren